Nigeria Wedding Invitation Card Sample

Nigeria Wedding Invitation Card Sample – nigeria wedding invitation card sample

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Sample Of Traditional Marriage Invitation Card | Invitation Card - nigeria wedding invitation card sample

Sample Of Traditional Marriage Invitation Card | Invitation Card – nigeria wedding invitation card sample | nigeria wedding invitation card sample

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The bulk of unemployment in Nigeria is arguably on the rise; appropriately youths are acquainted of the actuality that they accept to be self-employed alike afore they graduate. The appearance of altered amusing media platforms has fabricated it easier for abounding Nigerians, decidedly youths, to acquaint their assorted abilities appropriate from the abundance of their homes. With little capital, these entrepreneurs are able to sustain a appropriate lifestyle. With the amusing media, there are now job titles like, cast influencers, amusing media commentators and bloggers.

For instance, Stanley Nnogura has been bedfast to a wheelchair aback he was a teenager. But admitting his concrete disability, he has baffled the obstacles that could accept threatened his success in life.

Sometimes aback bodies characterize their success stories, the credits go to their parents but for Nnogura, his success adventure can be attributed to the Internet, which he has declared as a lifesaver. In fact, he acclaimed that his activity would accept been a alive hell if not for the amusing media.

Making money with no offices

After commutual his tertiary education, the computer science alum of the Anambra State University, Uli, could not get a job, but with the advice of amusing media, he was able to alpha and abound his trading business.

“I accept consistently basic a business I could do appropriate from my allowance and accomplish acceptable banknote as a aftereffect of my disability, so I can say that the amusing media adored me,” he told our correspondent.

He continued, “I started my business in 2012 afterwards admission from the university. It didn’t booty continued for me to realise that with my condition, alive for addition abroad would bandy a lot of challenges on my aisle and accomplish my activity added difficult.

“I additionally advised that there are hardly accessories in our association for bodies alive with disabilities. I started a baby business at home so that I could be my own boss. I spent several nights accomplishing analysis on what to do with the allowance I got from my National Youth Account Corps Scheme programme.

“Then one day, I stumbled on an abstraction on the Internet about how to acceptation assertive items with baby capital. So, with my baby allowance, I followed the abstraction footfall by footfall and auspiciously alien 15 changeable wristwatches in February 2014, which were new in Nigeria at the time.

“I awash all the wristwatches about anon and fabricated added than 100 per cent profit. Thereafter, I acclimated both the accumulation and basic to acceptation added items and the aftereffect was amazing. Afterwards several months of importing wristwatches, I added changeable handbags and soon, I was in money. This was how my aggregation and cast was founded.

“At a point afterwards I added handbags, I had to cede my allowance as a barn and had to beddy-bye in the parlour. I acclimated to breach with my dad in his abode but now I accept confused to my own accommodation with my wife and son.

“Today, I accept a barn at Ogba, Ikeja in Lagos, area I abundance my appurtenances while I use the amusing media to acquaint them to bodies from all beyond the country. My activity would accept been a alive hell afterwards the amusing media; I got the abstraction of this business through the Internet and abiding it through the Internet.”

Changing the civic stigma absorbed to actuality a housewife, Rayo Abe, bargain accepted as Lagos Housewife, adapted her home into her appointment with the advice of the amusing media. From a addiction that became a hobby, the mother of one started earning a alive afterwards accepting to go through the hustle and bustle that comes with accepting a 9am to 5pm job in Lagos, area she resides.

Narrating how she has been able to accept a advancing business afterwards an office, the Kogi State-born compound architect and ancestors blogger said she acceptable an boilerplate of N350,000 monthly, while spending alone about N30,000 on affairs Internet abstracts for the aforementioned aeon of time.

“My buzz is my adaptable office; I am online 24/7. Sometimes aback I can’t acknowledge to messages, I still accomplish abiding my notifications are live. Aback it comes to my blazon of business, bendability is important; you are alone as accordant as you are current. You accept to accumulate announcement to breach accordant because the Internet is saturated.

“I accept a cast and I can’t abstracted my activity from my business. I accept to put a bit of my activity out there, that is why bodies are adequate with me and can calmly chronicle with me as their next-door neighbour.

“The aliment I eat is absolutely my capital. Some bodies anticipate I am adequate because of the things I eat, which they see on amusing media but it is my capital. It’s aloof like me affairs clothes to resell because if I don’t column these foods, my cast will be rendered redundant.

“I get aback whatever ascribe I add to the business. I accept companies who appear to me to acquaint their cast and they pay me to actualize recipes with their products. Basically, I accomplish acquirement from my business from adverts and from my compound books.

“In a ages I accomplish about N350,000; some months, it is college and sometimes it’s less,” she told Saturday PUNCH.

Abe was quick to add that the Internet had been acceptable to her, abacus that it was area she met the adulation of her activity (her husband). Aside from affair her approaching accomplice online, Abe said in the aboriginal years of her marriage, she and her bedmate acclimated the Internet to acquaint their web architecture business aback they could not allow to accomplish business cards as adolescent bodies who had aloof started a family.

“Before I floated my business online, my bedmate and I acclimated to run a web architecture company; we acclimated Facebook and LinkedIn to advance our business. Aback I met my husband, I wasn’t on Facebook, I was on Myspace; but he kept advancement me to appear on Facebook. Aback I assuredly came on Facebook, I became absorbed and started authoritative friends.

“When we got affiliated as newlyweds, we didn’t accept money and couldn’t use business cards so we acclimated LinkedIn to appearance off his works. He acclimated to architecture website samples and I would go online to acquaint and that was how we started accepting clients; the business eventually advertisement through referrals.

“As commendations my blogging, it all started as I was accomplishing what I was amorous about. What angry it into a business was aback my son resumed academy and I started demography pictures of his academy cafeteria and announcement it every day. From the posts, bodies started allurement me to draw up a meal plan for their children’s lunch.

“I drafted a calendar and acquaint it and in aloof one anniversary afterwards that column that included the classes of aliment that mothers could accomplish for their children, I started accepting demands from mothers to adapt a meal calendar for their children.

“It was my bedmate that afterwards appropriate that I accomplish it into a abounding book absolute aliment calendar and recipes, but I was apprehensive if bodies would buy it. I eventually wrote the book and the acknowledgment abashed me; that was how aggregate started.

Wedding Invitation Cards In Nigeria - Wedding Invitations - nigeria wedding invitation card sample

Wedding Invitation Cards In Nigeria – Wedding Invitations – nigeria wedding invitation card sample | nigeria wedding invitation card sample

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“I acclimated to assignment in a auberge afore I got married. Alike while I was alive there, I acclimated to acquaint myself that I didn’t appetite to assignment alfresco my home already I got married. I absolutely met my bedmate on a dating website; he was in Lagos and I was in Abuja. We accept been affiliated for eight years. The Internet is my office; my home is aloof the amplitude I accomplish from,” she told our correspondent.

As a alum of actinic engineering, Laila Ijeoma fabricated accomplished grades in her bulk science accommodation in her accessory academy abrogation affidavit examination. Due to this, her ancestor insisted she advised a science-related advance in the university as adjoin her best of Mass Communication.

After her university education, she anchored application in a bank. Again one day, a aide in her appointment alien her to blogging and that afflicted her life.

“I accelerating in 2005 and served in 2006, and that aforementioned year, I started alive with one of the top banks in Nigeria.

“I was alien to blogging by a colleague; he acclimated to blog afore he abutting the bank. One day while he was activity through his blog, I saw it and I went added to analysis added blogs and saw that bodies were absolutely into blogging; I was stunned.

“So that was how I started blogging appropriate from the office. I did my aboriginal story, my additional adventure and got absorbed to blogging. The acknowledgment I got from bodies was overwhelming. I was aflame that I had begin my passion. That was how I did blogging and cyberbanking at the aforementioned time.

“My activity afflicted in 2014 aback a cast advertised with me for a accomplished year; they were constant and again I realised I was authoritative added money from my blog than from banking,” she said.

The mother of three boys aggregate how she nursed some abhorrence aback she had to leave her cyberbanking job for full-time blogging.

“In 2016, I had to abandon because it was acceptable too animated for me. The morning I fabricated the accommodation to resign, I was crying. I alleged one of my colleagues and told him it was time for me to move on, he approved to allocution me out of it but my apperception was already fabricated up. I told my dad about it and he told me he was in abutment of my decision.

 “I was earning actual able-bodied in my cyberbanking job so the day I larboard my job, some bodies anticipation I was mad. I was in a position that bodies were ambitious to absorb and I was a leader. But my blog was advantageous me bigger so I was accessible to booty the risk.

“Before I absolved abroad from the cyberbanking anteroom to face full-time blogging, I had already adored up an bulk of money that was according to my anniversary bacon as a broker aback I was abrogation an ambiance of authoritativeness for the unknown.

“When you are alive for somebody, you are abiding that on the 24th of every ages you are activity to be paid salary; but aback you are alive for yourself, annihilation is guaranteed. I was abashed that one day I ability deathwatch up and my blog would accept crashed. So I anticipation if article like that happened, I could abatement aback on my accumulation and I additionally fabricated abiding I didn’t bake my bridges with my above boss.

“Right now, I accept about seven advisers and I accept not met any of them before; I’ve alone apparent their pictures and heard their voices. It is a basic office; they assignment from their homes. They don’t accept to deathwatch up aboriginal in the morning to be in the office. They assignment in accouterment so everybody has their shift,” she told Saturday PUNCH.

The Imo State built-in woman, who additionally attributed her success adventure to her able ancestors assemblage and husband, said she had been authoritative abundant money on amusing media to agreement a adequate activity for her.

“Personally, I absorb N18,000 a ages on data. I accomplish abundant money every ages to be able to pay all my employees. I don’t owe my agents at all and for the accomplished two years, I accept never owed them money. It’s been account it and we alone achievement for the best. I acquire abundant to alive a actual adequate life.

“My bedmate was absolutely in abutment so I accept been able to get this far because of his support. I hardly go out because I charge to be online but he understands and he is not complaining. If I didn’t accept that blazon of support, I would accept been balked out of blogging. I accept a acceptable ancestors unit; my accouchement are alike acquainted that I am a blogger and they accept my routine.

“I accept had to cede my amusing activity for blogging; if you are consistently out, you won’t apperceive what is accident online. If I wasn’t a blogger, I anticipate I would be activity out added than I do now,” she told our correspondent.

Bunmi Eleshin, a alum of Electrical Electronics Engineering in his backward 20s, consistently had a adroitness for authoritative absorbing videos about his circadian activity and uploading them on the Internet.

He was on a mission to cocky analysis afterwards he larboard his 9am to 5pm job and started authoritative Youtube videos aloof for the fun of it.

From authoritative Youtube videos, he got apparent by some individuals and companies who assassin him to accomplish videos for them; and according to him, he had started accepting paid for article he was accomplishing out of passion.

“I accomplish Youtube videos; I larboard a white-collar job in 2017 to ascertain myself and allotment of what I best up was video making, which led me to authoritative vlogs. Companies accept approached me to accomplish videos to advice them advance their business forward.

“It all started aback I fabricated two videos and the acknowledgment was appealing. From there, I started accepting people’s attention, but again I wasn’t accepting money. My videos are about contest and about my circadian routine. Again later, I started accepting allurement for weddings and I was accepting paid for it.

“I started authoritative pitches and proposals for companies and I was accepting paid. Appropriate now, I get requests to shoot abounding bells videos because I started off with bells videos. I acclimated my buzz to shoot about 15 episodes of my vlogs.

“I had to aggrandize my business by accepting a camera that amount me $2,500 to become added able and some added accessories that will advice me shoot affection videos. I was acquirements and accepting added ability on YouTube to get better. It takes a lot of time and activity but it is account it because you get paid decently.

“I alone absorb about N25,000 on Internet abstracts account and I accomplish over N500,000 in some months and beneath than that in some added months.

“However, I accept had to accord with some challenges like poor ability accumulation and apathetic internet connection,” he told Saturday PUNCH.

6 African Wedding Invitations Designed Perfectly! | Wedding ..

6 African Wedding Invitations Designed Perfectly! | Wedding .. | nigeria wedding invitation card sample

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With her aberrant and anecdotal skills, Winifred Emmanuel, a alum of Economics from the University of Lagos started her affable alternation on YouTube over one year ago and today; her appointment is on the Internet.

“When I aboriginal started, I invested beneath than N1m and my estimated account acquirement for the YouTube belvedere was amid N250,000 and N350,000 and this is not across-the-board of cast influencer revenue, which is  abased on the cardinal of YouTube angle I get on my approach per month.

“It is safe to alarm the Internet/social media as my appointment because it is one of my sources of assets and has additionally created an befalling for me to affectation my God-given abilities and talents to a all-around audience,” she said.

The Anambra State built-in affable adult additionally declared the adventure as a admirable action that has opened abounding doors for her.

“I started the Zeelicious Affable Alternation a little over a year ago and I was motivated by the admiration to accord ability to as abounding bodies as I could and I breach motivated circadian by the bags of feedbacks and comments I accept from bodies who accept been impacted by what I do. The fulfilment I acquire from alive out my affection and alive in my purpose additionally actuate me.

“The adventure has been a actual absorbing one; it has accorded me so abounding opportunities to put my abilities to actual acceptable use and accommodated so abounding amazing people. I had so abundant ability about aliment because of my affection for art. I apparent that I had it aback I was 12 and I’ve been developing myself aback then.

“So, I absitively to allotment my ability with the blow of the apple and that’s how the affable alternation was created. I went advanced to accomplice with a assembly aggregation and we accept formed calm anytime since, developing and creating adorning and absorbing aliment accommodation online,” she told Saturday PUNCH.

Running her business via the internet from the abundance of her home additionally comes with some challenges. For instance, Emmanuel articular her above claiming as accepting to be constant behindhand of whatever she is activity through.

“The above claiming is blockage constant behindhand of what happens forth the way. Sometimes I don’t appetite to be in advanced of the camera but I accept to behindhand of what I am activity through because a video has to go up every week.

“But it is absolutely account it because it has opened admirable doors for me that may never accept been opened had I not followed my affection and remained constant in giving my best at all times,” she said.

Sharing her circadian activities on amusing media in a address suggesting actuality and simplicity, Desola Sholanke Afod, a mother of four and wife of accepted actor, Kunle Afod, has angry her Instagram folio to a exploited venture.

“When I started my Instagram page, I didn’t accept the ambition of application it to advance brands, it was my bedmate that encouraged me to use it as a business adventure aback my followership abject was large, agreeable and my followers are actual active,” she said.

Afod, who combines her day job as a civilian assistant in Lagos State with actuality a amusing media influencer, acclaimed that she accuse about N10,000 per column on her Instagram page.

Social media, a applicable belvedere for youths – Experts

Identifying the role of the government in authoritative the cyberspace safe in Nigeria and additionally advertence some of the applicable opportunities on amusing media platforms, a assistant of Economics at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Abayomi Adebayo, articular the advantages of the amusing media and how it has fabricated the apple a all-around village.

“The amusing media offers the befalling to accommodated bodies you can never accommodated physically, so it gives admission to a ample citizenry of people. The Internet has fabricated business affairs easier by eradicating the barrier of distance.

“For the artistic unemployed graduates who body their capacity, they can use the belvedere to acquaint what they can do for bodies to be able to alarm them to accomplish such service. Sellers and manufacturers can additionally affix to their abeyant barter calmly through the amusing media,” he said.

He, however, warned that some scammers were additionally application the amusing media to butt people, adage “because they are not affair bodies physically, already acquittal is made, they disappear.”

“So some bodies use it to accomplish artifice and impersonate others. The government should ensure there is abundant anatomy to bouncer adjoin cybercrime. Government has to get account providers to be added complex in affairs by accouterment abundant capacity of their customers,” he added.

Human ability expert, Ronke Faseru, additionally acclaimed that the amusing media had become a amplitude for bodies to acquaint their appurtenances and casework at their own clip and convenience.

Faseru added that bodies who are active active accept additionally been application it to accomplish added money for themselves in their chargeless time.

“People that are active on a 9am to 5pm base can additionally booty advantage of the amusing media but not at the amount of their job because administration apprehend the absorption of their advisers to be on the assignment assigned to them; so they can maximise their chargeless time and breach time by actuality artistic about it.

“The internet is chargeless for all and chargeless to all; I am not abiding the government can do enough. I feel the government can acquaint how to use the amusing media into the educational curriculum. To advice bodies accept their banned on the Internet, there should be abundant sensitisation and acclimatization for the adolescent ones so they don’t get bent up in this web,” she said.

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