Mustache Invitation Birthday Card

Mustache Invitation Birthday Card – mustache invitation birthday card

You’re ardent with your valentine, but not with the abstraction of a banal agenda or a cher trinket. Again why not accord the argument of your amore a handmade gift?

Incognito mustache and sunglasses surprise birthday party invitation - mustache invitation birthday card
Incognito mustache and sunglasses surprise birthday party invitation – mustache invitation birthday card | mustache invitation birthday card

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While crafting was already the area of your grandmother, these canicule do-it-yourself projects are hip and retro-chic.

And acknowledgment to such accepted websites as Etsy — a exchange for handmade and best items — and fun reads like Suzie Williams’ “The Complete Book of Retro Crafts,” it’s now a assert to go “crafty.”

And there’s affected value.

“The 21st aeon affords us abundant added in agreement of avenues for expression,” says Whitney Sherman, an illustrator who active the master’s affairs in analogy convenance at Maryland Institute College of Art. “Art that conveys a bulletin or tells a story,” she says, “tells the adventure of our lives.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we accept accumulated a accumulation of bounded experts to advice you actualize cards, floral displays, adobe chaplet and added altar that can be custom-built for your sweetheart.

So why not embrace your close Martha Stewart or Nate Berkus? Use your acuteness to ability a alone Valentine that comes beeline from the heart.

Greetings and readings

Experts: Students at Maryland Institute College of Art

Project: Valentine cards

Lisa Perrin and Aehee Shin are in MICA’s master’s affairs in analogy practice, which prepares artists to amalgamate their aesthetic and business abilities and alloy media in new cultural contexts.

In a brilliant flat on the campus, they’re authoritative an arrangement of Valentine’s ability and bistro blush and red M&Ms, amidst lots of laughter.

Perrin has ancient a pop-up card. The article placed on the pop-up can be any cardinal of things — such as a cardboard agent of a heart.

“It’s simple but pretty,” says Perrin, 23, a Long Island, N.Y., built-in whose assignment focuses on history, fashion, attributes and bogie tales.

Shin, on the added hand, has gone high-tech, application her computer and smartphone to accomplish a simple video or argument that can be translated into a QR cipher — those atramentous squiggly squares you’ve apparently apparent in artefact ads. The “quick response” codes are agnate to a barcode and can be scanned.

“The QR codes can be acclimated to plan a abundance hunt,” says the 25-year-old illustrator and author, who was built-in in Oklahoma but confused to Seoul, South Korea, at age 5.

Shin integrates the codes into beautiful doll-like characters on greeting cards. Each one will advance to a Valentine’s Day argument bulletin or video that can be acquaint online via YouTube. “Give it a try — it’s fun.”

Flowers from the heart

Expert: Carla Feigley, floral designer, Fleur de Lis Florist, Baltimore

Project: Boutonniere floral bouquet

Inside Fleur de Lis, a ambrosial little bazaar in city Baltimore, buyer Christine Rubin and floral artisan Carla Feigley specialize in custom arrange that arm-twist adulation and romance.

“Most of our audience are brides,” says Feigley. “And of course, it’s active about Valentine’s Day, with men and women affairs flowers for sweethearts and their mothers.”

To bless the day, Feigley is authoritative an ancient nosegay, a tiny handheld bouquet.

BABY Shower Little Man Mustache INVITATION CARDS CUSTOM INVITES PARTY  Printable - mustache invitation birthday card
BABY Shower Little Man Mustache INVITATION CARDS CUSTOM INVITES PARTY Printable – mustache invitation birthday card | mustache invitation birthday card

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She has appear up with several designs: a animated chicken boutonniere of ranunculus, babyish blooming hydrangea, daffodils and afraid grass; a “beau” boutonniere with aphotic red roses and anemones absolute by a adumbration of eucalyptus; and a Ravens-inspired boutonniere with tulips, hyacinth and anemones in hues of purple.

“You can beautify the bouquets with a adorned brooch or feathers, or attach it to a canteen of champagne,” she says. “Or add a atramentous glassy bow, and it resembles a tuxedo.”

The boutonniere can be presented with a boutonniere or without; if you adopt the former, the bazaar carries baby red bottle vases with phrases like “Kiss Me.”

Love props

Expert: Carla David, clear designer, Say Cheese! Cardboard Props, Savage

Project: Cardboard backdrop and banners

On any accustomed day at her bazaar in Savage Mills, clear artisan Carla David can be begin amalgam intricate cardboard appurtenances that resemble accomplished art.

While bells invitations and added custom projects accomplish up abundant of her business, David afresh launched Say Cheese! Cardboard Backdrop to action cardboard accouterments with a faculty of humor.

“Some of the things we do that would be abundant for Valentine’s Day are lips, banners with X’s and O’s, hearts and the chat ‘love’ on a stick,” says the buyer of Carla David Design, who advised at Southern Adventist University. “They’re abundant chat starters.”

David uses the computer and specialized machines to actualize and cut out her designs. But association at home can use scissors to crop agnate results, she says.

A fun activity is to actualize a “hand prop,” a bulletin for your valentine that attaches to a stick they can hold. The backdrop attending like a affectation that bodies backpack for masquerade parties, but they can be fabricated into all sorts of shapes like hearts, a mustache or alike letters.

“I like application altered colors and shimmery cardboard to accomplish it unique,” says the designer. “You can do this in 10 minutes.”

Romantic gems

Expert: Mary Cloonan, Baltimore Clayworks

Project: Polymer adobe beads

Put a agglomeration of adobe in the easily of Mary Cloonan, and she’ll cast it into art.

“Most artists accept a criterion of aesthetic epiphany,” says Cloonan, the exhibitions director, citizen artisan and abecedary at Baltimore Clayworks in Mount Washington. “I accusation that acrid Play-Doh. I’ve admired it back I was a little girl, and it’s led to my aesthetic career.”

A built-in of western New York with a amount in ceramics from Syracuse University, Cloonan has advised in Taiwan and had her assignment apparent in clandestine collections nationwide.

Her creations ambit from mono-prints on bolt to polymer adobe bean projects. She thinks the closing is absolute for Valentine’s Day.

“The chaplet can be afraid on a award and fabricated into a chaplet or necklace. For men, you could accomplish a key chain.”

While adobe artists about use kilns and added accoutrement of the trade, polymer adobe is a adobe adobe you can broil in your oven.

It comes in abounding colors, and Cloonan brand to band them for a nuanced effect. “It’s a abundant activity for children. My 5-year-old nephew enjoys accomplishing this.”

Little Man Birthday Party Invitations | daksh | Mustache ..
Little Man Birthday Party Invitations | daksh | Mustache .. | mustache invitation birthday card

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How to accomplish adobe jewelry


Polymer adobe in two colors (There are several brands, including Sculpy and Fimo; Sculpy is a little softer and easier to assignment with. Also, you can mix and alloy clays to accomplish new colors.)

Toothpicks, Popsicle sticks

Razor blade

Glass jar

Wax paper

Toaster oven with metal baking tray

Heavy-duty cardboard to band tray

Note: Accouchement should be supervised if attempting this project. Michaels, AC Moore and best art-supply food backpack polymer clay.


Step 1: Cycle two different-color clays into attenuate ellipsoidal sheets. Use a bottle jar as a rolling pin; wax cardboard or a area of bottle can be acclimated as a assignment space. Abstain plastic, as the polymer will stick and ruin the surface.

Step 2: Sandwich/layer them calm and compression or cycle one bend thinner. Alpha your jellyroll from the thinner edge, anxiously rolling it to actualize an alike cylinder.

Step 3: Acclaim cycle it thinner and longer, burden the design. The architecture will not smush, but abide throughout the cane.

Step 4: Cycle up some assurance of adobe to serve as the amount or centermost of your bead.

Step 5: Anxiously allotment attenuate pieces off the cane, like algid cuts.

Step 6: Arrange the slices to anxiously awning the apparent of the amount bead

Step 7: Acclaim cycle the brawl in your easily to bland and allowance the edges of the slices.

Step 8: Appearance the brawl into cylinders, discs or added shapes.

Step 9: Anxiously blow a aperture application a toothpick. Support the bean adverse the aperture and feel for the toothpick back it pokes through the added side. Use the toothpick to anatomy the aperture on that side, so it is apple-pie and even.

Step 10: Place on a baking tray that has been lined with paper. Fold the cardboard like an accordion so you accept places for the chaplet to blow after affecting or rolling. The cardboard additionally helps to abstain agleam spots on the chaplet that can happened back they are broiled on metal.

Step 11: Broil for 20-30 minutes, depending aloft thickness, at 275 degrees. (This is able-bodied beneath the afire point of the paper.)

DIY PRINTABLE Invitation Card - Little Man Mustache Birthday ..
DIY PRINTABLE Invitation Card – Little Man Mustache Birthday .. | mustache invitation birthday card

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Optional: You can acclaim cast the adobe chaplet into the appearance of a heart. You will charge to alpha with a amount adobe bean and again awning with a attenuate area of blush clay. Add two slices of pikestaff at adverse abandon of the sphere. Cycle acclaim to allowance and bland the design. Compression one end of the brawl into a point and again abrade the brawl slightly. At the end adverse the point use a popsicle stick, tooth aces or added apparatus to accomplish a bulge at the top and anatomy the heart. Continue from Step 9 above.

FREE Mustache Birthday Party Printables | ..
FREE Mustache Birthday Party Printables | .. | mustache invitation birthday card

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Men’s birthday Invitation Mustache Printable by .. | mustache invitation birthday card

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Chevron Mustache Little Man Birthday Invitation | ..
Chevron Mustache Little Man Birthday Invitation | .. | mustache invitation birthday card

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