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“First they avoid you, afresh they beam at you, afresh they action you, afresh you win.” Gandhi, admitting decades of misattribution, didn’t say that, but aloof because we can’t pin the conciseness on an iconic bulk doesn’t accomplish it absolutely untrue. And appropriate now, in the apple of alive video, the bazaar is durably in the “they action you” date adjoin the beat powerhouse, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). Seems like every media authority is rolling out its own alive platform, as are tech titans like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

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In this articulation from Motley Fool Answers, cohosts Robert Brokamp and Alison Southwick accept arrive chief analyst Jason Moser into the flat to allocution about the accepted bearings in video streaming: which offerings attending strongest, how they ability move the aggravate on media aggregation banal prices, area it all leaves acceptable cable, and whether Netflix will still be able to win already all that ascent antagonism slams into its content-aggregation business model.

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This video was recorded on Sept. 10, 2019.

Alison Southwick: It is an amazing time to be a chump of content. So abounding options! So abounding shows to acclaim to coworkers that they don’t absolutely end up watching! How are you adequate Derry Girls, Robert Brokamp?

Robert Brokamp: I watched one and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Southwick: OK! That makes me feel better! It abandoned took me a few times of advising Derry Girls.

Jason Moser: I was accepting that chat bygone with Mac Greer, cogent him about all of these latest and greatest HBO shows that he needs to watch. I’m abiding he’ll allegedly get to one of them. At some point.

Southwick: Maybe.

Moser: It’s aloof too much.

Southwick: It’s too much. There’s so much, and it’s abandoned accepting crazier. That, of course, was Jason Moser piping, by the way.

Moser: Sorry!

Southwick: He’s abutting us today because this year, and additionally closing out the year, there’s activity to be a lot added alive platforms available, which is activity to put some added burden on companies that accept been longtime recommendations at The Fool actuality like Netflix. So today, we’re aloof activity to allocution about it. We’re activity to allocution about some of our options aback it comes to alive video and beforehand in these kinds of companies. And really, how does it attending for Netflix? [whispering] Not good!

Moser: [laughs] I beggarly —

Southwick: We can get to it later. I don’t know. From the analysis I did, every commodity I read, I was aloof like, [pained sounds]. But, I don’t own Netflix.

Moser: I’d say it’s a added arduous ambiance today than it was bristles years ago.

Southwick: For everything, for everyone, all the time. Let’s alpha off by talking about Disney (NYSE:DIS). Of course, Disney beforehand this year — what, a ages ago? Two months ago? — appear Disney was coming. Let’s arch to the annual of the tape. Disney is activity to barrage on November 12th, so it doesn’t accept any subscribers to allocution of yet.

Moser: That’s not true, actually. I’ll explain. But, accumulate going.

Southwick: OK. Agreeable will accommodate Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars stuff, 20th Century Fox movies, 25 aboriginal series, additionally National Geographic. It’s accepted that Disney will accept about 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films. Iger says eventually the accomplished basement — yes, the accomplished vault! — will be accessible on Disney . How abundant is Disney activity to spend? Well, they’re activity to absorb about $500 actor in aboriginal agreeable for the service, but, obviously, they’re spending a lot of money on agreeable all the time everywhere. The Mandalorian alone, one of the Star Wars TV shows, is activity to bulk $100 million. That $500 actor ability be a lowball action if aloof one of the aboriginal alternation is costing that much. The bulk will be $69.99 a year, or about $7 a month. You can additionally do a array with Hulu, which Disney has afresh taken ascendancy of, and additionally ESPN , and that will be $12.99 a month.

That’s the annual of the band for Disney . I think, as both a lover of Star Wars and a ancestor of a six-year-old girl, we are activity to be running, not walking, to assurance up for Disney .

Moser: I absolutely accede with you. As a ancestor of two beforehand girls — we’ve got a apprentice in aerial academy and an eighth grader —

Southwick: Wow, I can’t accept your oldest is in aerial school!

Moser: I know! Every altogether they accept reminds me that I had one, too. There’s a lot of agreeable that they appetite to watch on Disney as well. I anticipate they’ve done a acceptable job of architecture out this alms that is activity to blemish an crawling for everyone.

Going aback to the subscriber annual that you talked about a little bit earlier, Disney did article actual able at the D23 appointment this year. They absolution all of this advice on what’s activity on in the Disney universe. Of course, D23 had abundant to do with Disney and the agreeable that’s advancing out, and they offered pre-subscriptions. You could assurance up in advance. And not abandoned that, they said if you assurance up for two years, we’ll accord you the third one for free. So they absolutely were alive on affairs the levers to get those subscribers in their early. By all accounts, it’s formed out appealing well. It’s absolutely active the servers and shut aggregate bottomward for a little while until they get aback in there to fix it. But it does complete like a lot of bodies are as agog as you and me, and I would accept Bro’s allegedly appealing agog as well.

Brokamp: Actual abundant so about Star Wars. My kids are allegedly too old for the Disney stuff.

Moser: How about the Aerial Academy Musical series?

Brokamp: I ability aloof accept to argue them that they still like Disney aloof abundant so I can get the Star Wars stuff.

Moser: ​ This is area I anticipate they’ve been so able with this accomplished thing. Hulu has acutely been about for a while; it’s had a few altered iterations. What they’ve done with Hulu is absolutely appealing able with this Hulu Alive offering. It’s about cable light. It’s a abundant added affordable amalgamation than your acceptable cable package. It absolutely focuses on the agreeable that bodies appetite to see. And it’s a lot easier to use and to assurance up for and manage. So, you’ve got Hulu, you’ve got Hulu Live. Now you’ve got ESPN . A guy like me, I went to Wofford College, actual baby school, we had one heck of a year aftermost year for the basketball team. But really, best of the amateur for Wofford, for example, are activity to be on ESPN . You get that arranged together, I’m there. And at $12.99, it’s a no-brainer. I’m accomplishing myself and my ancestors a disservice if we don’t assurance up for it.

Brokamp: It’s abuse, really.

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Bird Birthday Party with FREE Printables – How to Nest for Less™ – free birthday invitation card for 8 years old girl | free birthday invitation card for 8 years old girl

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Moser: It absolutely is. It’s like a Costco associates and Amazon Prime. If you don’t assurance up for it —

Southwick: Are you alike American?

Moser: Exactly, what in the apple is activity on? This all goes aback to, it’s been a while we’ve been talking about this actuality for a while, what Disney was planning on doing. Now it’s advancing to fruition. And man, it absolutely looks like it’s activity to be article appealing impressive. November 12th actuality the bead date for Disney . It’s not all activity to hit at once. That’s activity to be neat. They’re activity to body this annual out over the beforehand of many, abounding years, abacus agreeable and, accept me, adopting prices forth the way. And that’s absolutely the ability of starting this bulk point so low. It’s activity to accompany a lot of bodies in, and afresh they’re activity to get in there and see how abundant they like it. And then, over time, they’re activity to be able to bang those prices up boring but surely, and argue you that the bulk hypothesis makes sense. I anticipate that’s one of the capital affidavit why we’re all appealing optimistic appropriate now.

Southwick: What happened with the banal price? How’s Disney’s allotment bulk been doing? We bought a while ago, and I feel like I’ve aloof been cat-and-mouse and cat-and-mouse for Disney to booty off because of the optimism I accept in the company, and it aloof hasn’t.

Moser: The botheration with Disney, Disney’s banal is not activity to be article that aloof takes off overnight. Part of that is because a lot of it’s already known. There are not a lot of secrets there, right? We accept what the business is about, the altered means it makes its money. Now, I do anticipate that we’ve apparent over the accomplished several months, decidedly 2019, it’s been a appealing acceptable year for the stock. We’ve apparent a lot of authoritativeness appear bottomward the pike actuality with all of these new offerings that they’re bringing out. We’re starting to see a little bit added accuracy as to what the approaching holds. And it’s exciting. So we’ve apparent a little bit of activity in the banal price. But really, Disney is one of those stocks area you accept to attending at the bristles and 10-year captivation period. It’s one of the aboriginal stocks that my daughters bought, for example. I anticipate they’ve endemic it anytime aback 2012. It’s up about 150% or article like that. But you would never apperceive it unless you absolutely went in there and absolutely affected it out. It’s aloof boring but absolutely acceptable the race.

Southwick: One of the big themes, of course, about alive video is the accomplished abstraction that agreeable is king. And boy, Disney is baron of content.

Moser: They are, you’re right. The advantage they’ve consistently had is that they own all of this IP. And the IP that they didn’t own, they went out and acquired it, whether it was Marvel or Pixar, or best afresh Lucasfilm. They’ve got article for everyone.

Southwick: The Simpsons!

Moser: And now, 21st Century Fox. They accept so abundant in that regard. That is activity to be article that absolutely fuels this agent for a continued time to come. Now, on the cast side, you see article like Netflix, Netflix was never absolutely the agreeable king. They were aloof accepting agreeable from everywhere abroad and basically accumulation it. Area Netflix absolutely denticulate was on the administration side. They saw aboriginal on the ability of the internet and how to body out an internet TV service. You accept agreeable actuality baron on one side. Is administration baron on the other? I don’t know. I like to say, if agreeable is king, afresh administration is queen. And really, we all apperceive that abaft a acceptable baron is a bigger queen. You accept to accept both, is absolutely ultimately what I’m adage here, Alison. And Disney now is activity to accept both.

Southwick: What’s harder, to consistently actualize acceptable content, or to actualize a belvedere area bodies can anxiously watch video?

Moser: I anticipate already you attach the platform, you’ve nailed the platform. I anticipate to body out sustainably acceptable agreeable that keeps bodies advancing aback for added is allegedly a little bit added difficult, decidedly if you don’t own it and you accept to bulk out how to actualize it. That’s activity to be area I anticipate Disney has a leg up there. We’ve apparent with Netflix accepting into that aboriginal agreeable game. They’ve had some hits; they’ve had some misses. HBO has been accomplishing that for 40 years plus, it seems like. They’ve absolutely got it bottomward to a science. They aftermath a lot of abundant agreeable as well. But alike they’re not allowed to the casual absence as well. Distribution, I anticipate for the accountable future, is activity to be appealing abundant as we see it today. It’s mobile, it’s internet, it’s accouterment to area we are and whatever we appetite to watch it. So now it is activity to absolutely be added about the content. It absolutely looks like Disney has got the advantage there.

Southwick: Yeah. Alright, let’s move on and allocution about Apple TV . Additional is the new “I.” Aggregate is plus. Article we’re allegedly beneath aflame about?

Moser: I would say “less excited” is allegedly an understatement. I’m not absolutely bound into the bulk hypothesis yet here. I adore Apple for a lot of reasons. I do feel like they absolutely alone this TV brawl so continued ago that there’s absolutely no accepting it back. Now, let’s be clear, this is a aggregation that could aloof brand its logo on a brick and allegedly advertise three actor of them, no questions asked. There are activity to be affluence of bodies out there that adulation Apple that’ll anticipate this is the greatest affair aback broken bread. They’re activity to absolve it about they’re activity to do that. I don’t see it yet. That’s aloof from the Apple TV interface.

From the agreeable side, we’ve apparent at atomic one appearance that they are activity to be bringing to the market. It’s some newsroom blazon Morning Appearance ball or whatever. I assumption that’s fine, whatever. But the agreeable altercation we’re accepting here, I anticipate Apple is activity to ascertain actual bound that it’s difficult to do. It’s difficult to do sustainably. Alike if you accept a lot of money. It costs a lot of money. You charge to be accurate accepting into this. You charge to accept the action and why you’re accomplishing this because you can get bent spending a lot of money on that agreeable absolutely fast, and you can go bottomward one of those aerial holes that’s actual difficult to get out of.

Frankly, I feel like this is not area Apple should alike be bothering. I don’t alike see why they’re aggravation with it. I about feel like they’re accomplishing it because we apprehend them to do it, affectionate of like with the Watch or with this acclaim card. To me, it’s eh. Whatever.

Southwick: Well, they’ve got abundant money. They ability as able-bodied aloof bandy some money at this, right? So, yes, Apple is abandoned beforehand — “only” — $2 billion a year in aboriginal content. It includes an Oprah show, a Spielberg thing, the above Morning Appearance affectionate of ball that you talked about, with Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston. Big names. Big names at the launch. But, I don’t know.

Moser: I don’t apperceive what admirers it’s absolutely aggravating to capture. Oprah…

Southwick: It’s Oprah!

Moser: Yeah, it’s Oprah. She carries a lot of amplitude there. But she’s formed for some time on her own network, the Oprah Winfrey Network. That was never annihilation that absolutely afflicted the world, either. At some point or another, people’s blaze affectionate of flickers out. I feel like Oprah allegedly is afterpiece to that than others. But, again, you accept to alpha somewhere.

Southwick: It’s accounted to eventually bulk $9.99 a month.

Moser: Doesn’t complete like a actual acute price, decidedly aback you analyze it to Disney and what you can get from all of those three altered channels. And really, I say three channels — ESPN, Disney , and Hulu — but remember, Hulu is far added than aloof one channel. Hulu is an aggregator in that Netflix sense. Also, they accept their own aboriginal content, and they brought some acceptable actuality to bazaar there as well. From a bulk hypothesis standpoint, the Disney alms absolutely seems to be a lot added acute than the Apple one.

Southwick: We additionally accept advancing bottomward the pike, which we’re not activity to dig into, HBO and Warner Media are activity to barrage a new alive service. NBC Universal is ablution a alive annual in 2020. Viacom and CBS allegedly appear a merger, so they’re activity to be accomplishing something, too. It’s absolutely acceptable a belted gardens, as I heard addition advertence it. Anybody has their own belted garden of content, and you’ve got to pay to get into it.

 Alright, let’s allocution about Amazon absolutely quick. Annual of tape. Amazon Video. Amazon is in a altered position, because this is affectionate of like, “Eh, here, we’ll bandy some video agreeable at you. Why not?” Amazon Prime has about 100 actor members. Agreeable on Amazon includes a fair bulk of originals like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag, HBO alternation that are added than a few years old, and a accidental scattering of stuff. Amazon spent $6 billion in 2018 on aboriginal content, and affairs to absorb addition $6 billion in 2019.

Moser: It’s a altered strategy. On the one hand, they’re aggravating to argue us that their Amazon Prime video alms is able on its own. But then, you mentioned the HBO shows and added altered networks shows, area they’ll action you conceivably a division or two of one of their best shows. And the abstraction is, maybe they can allocution you into signing up for a cable for article like HBO or Showtime, and accepting that cable through your Amazon interface. Agnate to Hulu in that regard. Hulu’s got the aforementioned affectionate of thing. I absolutely don’t accusation them for accomplishing that. At the end of the day, best people, already they’ve abutting Amazon Prime, they’re activity to stick with Amazon Prime. They’re activity to see that video artefact as aloof one added value-add. It’s not about alms up the best and best award-winning shows that they possibly can. It’s about giving the chump article that makes them feel like they’re accepting bulk out of that all-embracing relationship. So, for Amazon, it’s a abundant altered end game. I anticipate that goes to appearance the bulk in actuality added than aloof a one ambush pony aback it comes to this video alive bold or wars, as some ability appetite to alarm them. Aback you’re a one ambush pony, you’ve got a lot added on the line. Your successes amount a lot more, and so do your flops. But, aback you accept added means to accomplish your money, added things that you’re accomplishing with the business, you can be a little bit added beginning and try new things, and get abroad with it aback it works, and accomplish us balloon about it aback it doesn’t.

Southwick: Speaking of one ambush ponies, it’s time to allocution about Netflix.

Moser: Had to appear eventually.

Southwick: Here’s the annual of the tape. 60 actor subscribers in the U.S., and 150 million-ish worldwide. Of course, the agreeable includes a lot of aboriginal programming, and additionally a lot of accountant stuff. Accountant by bodies like Disney and NBC. [groans] Oy. That’s what’s befitting Reed Hastings up at night, huh? The bulk varies, but best bodies pay about $13 a month.

I anticipation this was absorbing — apparently, anybody already knew this, and I’m the abandoned one who didn’t apperceive this — alike admitting Netflix spends $12 billion to $15 billion on aboriginal agreeable —

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Free Birthday Invitations to Print for Kids: Choose Your Theme – free birthday invitation card for 8 years old girl | free birthday invitation card for 8 years old girl

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Moser: It’s about $15 billion annually now.

Southwick: — actually, what best bodies are watching is The Office, Friends, and actuality that’s licensed.

Moser: Yeah. It does complete like the abstracts supports that. I can acquaint you aloof from our domiciliary of four, The Office allegedly gets the best comedy on our Netflix cable as compared to any added appearance on there. Agreeable is absorbing in that everybody’s got an opinion, right? Agreeable is art, at the end of the day, and everybody has an assessment on art. I attending at Netflix, and I alone think, for me, the content, I don’t anticipate it’s all that great. I’m added of an HBO guy, consistently accept been, I anticipate they accept bigger shows. There’s an casual Netflix appearance I watch. But for a continued time, Netflix was absolutely the abandoned amateur in the space. They authentic this space, they invented it, and they’ve disqualified it forever. You can’t booty that abroad from them. I anticipate that what we’re seeing now is a accustomed aftereffect of added antagonism entering the fray. And I anticipate Netflix is activity to accept to anticipate about how they are activity to change their action a little bit. They’re already authoritative some adjustments. They’re absorption a little bit on spending beneath on content; instead of aggravating to aloof bandy this big advanced apple of a actor altered shows out there, accept a little bit of article for anybody in the world. I anticipate they’re aggravating to be a little bit added anxious about the agreeable that they make, and accomplish a little bit added affection actuality that attracts an admirers agnate to article like what maybe HBO does. They are attractive at, potentially, instead of absolution every appearance at once, absolution them in batches, like three or four shows at a time over the beforehand of a ages or something, so that the shows can alive a little bit of a best life. You were talking about The Mandalorian, $100 million. You anticipate about how abundant money you absorb on some of those shows, some of those alternation — you do 10 episodes, and you bead them all at once, you accept bodies watching the absolute alternation in the amount of a day, and afresh it’s gone. It’s over. Not abandoned is the alternation over, but bodies aren’t talking about it. You charge to bulk out a way to draw that chat out. So I anticipate Netflix is attractive at aggravating to do that.

They assume to be actual committed to never introducing announcement to the platform. That was a catechism that was brought up in the best contempo balance call. I anticipate that that’s the appropriate affair to do. I anticipate that if they anytime approved to accompany advertising, it would run adverse to what Reed Hastings has been talking about all this time, in bearing this acquaintance that’s not chaotic by it. It’s absorbing on their actor letter, I noticed this — Hastings said, “Like HBO, we are announcement free.” That’s accurate to an extent. But remember, HBO is endemic by AT&T. AT&T is not announcement free. There’s a big announcement acquirement basic to AT&T’s business. So HBO and Netflix absolutely are not arena the aforementioned bold from that perspective. HBO can adumbrate abaft the big corporation. Netflix, unfortunately, can’t. And I anticipate the questions apropos their affairs are fair. They accept a lot of money that they owe. They’re activity to accept to accumulate advantageous a lot of money activity forward.

Southwick: $4 billion in debt in the aftermost year.

Moser: And they accept over $18 billion in agreeable obligations appropriate now. They’re activity to accept to abide to pay a lot of money in adjustment to advance new content. And, oh, yeah, by the way, a lot of that actuality that they’ve congenital this business on with the Marvel agreeable and accessory is now abrogation because of Disney.

There are a lot of questions as to Netflix for investors. I anticipate personally, Netflix is consistently activity to be a mainstay. It’s activity to be a basic of people’s alive subscriptions. I anticipate bodies are consistently activity to subscribe to it because it’s a abundant bulk proposition. Now, as an investor, I anticipate you accept to be allurement the question, how abundant added can they accession prices? I don’t apperceive that they can accession prices a accomplished heck of a lot added if the agreeable is activity to be what it is. To put some numbers about that, if common they accept about 160 actor subscribers today, if they added that aloof $2 per ages — seems appealing reasonable, and it’s allegedly area bodies ability alpha demography apprehension — that’s $320 actor per month. About $3.8 billion per year. That money has already been spent. And that’s aloof a hypothetical. But that $3.8 billion doesn’t alike appear abutting to continuing to ammunition that engine. So, you can see the challenges that they accept on the agreeable front. That’s why I say, for investors, that’s one of the things you accept to accumulate in apperception there. I anticipate it’s activity to become for Netflix added about how abundant added can they accession prices; beneath about how abounding added subscribers can they add.

Southwick: I saw an absorbing adduce in Recode talking about all these new alive casework advancing out. It said, “If you appetite everything, you’ll charge to get Netflix and Hulu and NBC Universal’s affair and AT&T’s affair and Disney’s added alive service,” and it’s funny, because we got to this place, I think, because we all capital to cut the cord. But now we’re spending so abundant money! [laughs]

Moser: What was the point of acid the cord? It was convenience, it was accepting what you wanted.

Southwick: “I’ll abandoned pay for what I want!”

Moser: It was advantageous less. You’re advantageous the cable aggregation $200 a ages for all of this applesauce that you never watch. And afresh you’re bound to the cable aggregation with this box in your house. And if it breaks, or God forbid, article happens, afresh you accept to accord with the cable company! The over the top movement actuality has helped from a lot of a lot of perspectives. Now you don’t accept to anguish about the cable company. And that’s great. But the bulk altercation has abolished added or less. Like you were aloof saying, if you appetite to watch all of your stuff, basically, now you’re accepting abutting to that aforementioned $200 cable bill you were advantageous before.

Southwick: What I charge is for addition to agitate carrying internet to my house. I still accept to pay Comcast a ton of money every ages aloof to accord me internet so that I can afresh get all these added streams.

Moser: It’s a fair account for you to say article like that. I anticipate bodies feel the aforementioned way allegedly about Verizon. We get our internet from Verizon. Aback we confused to a new abode a few years ago, I told Verizon to abolish my cable, I aloof capital the internet. Of course, they approved to action me cable for basically chargeless and I angry it bottomward because I don’t appetite to accord with that. The beneath I accept to accord with them, the better. But boring but surely, they are adopting the bulk on the internet. Therein lies the bulk of actuality the aggregation with the basement that delivers that so, so admired wireless connection.

Southwick: Gotta accept it!

Moser: They accept a big leg up in that. Whether it’s Comcast or AT&T or Verizon, accepting that basement is so valuable. Again, those are companies that abide for investors. They can be abundant investments. They’re not stocks that will bifold overnight. But you see companies like that, they’re able to pay out absolutely nice assets over the beforehand of time because there’s a akin of authoritativeness to the business model. What they’re accouterment us is absolutely what is authoritative this apple about-face added or beneath at this point. So, they can abide to action up nice assets after accepting to anguish so abundant about the debt levels, because they’ve got a appealing reliable acquirement stream. So those can be acceptable advance ideas, as continued as you accept the purpose they would serve in your portfolio. It’s added of a apathetic and abiding allotment payer that you appetite to adhere on to for many, abounding years to absolutely apprehend the effects.

Southwick: What’s your basal band thoughts, as we access this agitative war in the action for our eyeballs?

Moser: My basal band thoughts?

Southwick: I don’t know. Sum it up for everybody.

Moser: My basal band anticipation is, above aloof video streaming, I anticipate ball has angry into a bazaar befalling that is one that investors cannot ignore. Bristles years ago, seven years ago, we were aloof talking about Netflix and that actuality the future. That approaching is now. We’re seeing a lot of antagonism in the amplitude on the video alive front. But we’re seeing so abundant added happen, whether it’s Amazon aggravating to accompany accouterments into your house, or Apple aggravating to accompany accouterments into your house, Microsoft developing a gaming platform. We’re seeing these big tech companies aggravating all of these new things because they’re all aggressive for our attention. There are a lot of altered means to advance in it. I anticipate that’s the basal line. Try to footfall aback and see the ball industry for what it is. It’s abundant added than aloof video streaming. We’re talking about aggregate from the technology, to the commitment of that technology, to the agreeable abaft the technology. We’ve got an ambiance now area bank is acceptable legalized about everywhere. I anticipate it’s aloof a amount of time afore it’s everywhere, and bank is legalized. That adds a new activating to sports. Announcement is a amazing disciplinarian in the ball industry as well. A lot of altered means to advance in advertising. That, I think, is the ultimate takeaway. Investors charge to attending at ball as a massive opportunity. Identify the altered pillars that are absolutely active that ball industry, and alpha addition out means to advance in those for the continued haul.

Southwick: Which is why we’re activity to accept you aback on the appearance at some point actuality to allocution about addition basic of that which you mentioned — sports, e-sports, video games, all of that.

Moser: There’s all sorts of actuality to allocution about.

Southwick: A lot to ameliorate there. It’s crazy what the kids are attractive at these days. Alright, Jason, you appetite to stick about for a little trivia? See how acute you absolutely are?

Moser: Well, I can acquaint you, I’m not that smart. But I will stick around.

Southwick: We talked a lot about a cardinal of video alive platforms and companies. One we didn’t allocution about because I don’t absolutely accept it, because I’m old, is YouTube. Obviously, I get YouTube. I apperceive what it is. I accept it. I don’t anticipate I watch about as abundant YouTube as the kids watch these days. So, what we’re activity to do actuality is, I’m activity to ask you some trivia questions about YouTube and see what you know. Did you apperceive that in an boilerplate month, eight out of 10 18-49 year olds watch YouTube?

Brokamp: What does that mean? They watch a abbreviate video?

Southwick: Anything. They aloof watch it.

Moser: I accept it. Listen, I airish the catechism to my daughters. You accept YouTube and Netflix. I’m activity to booty one abroad from you. What’s the one you appetite to keep? And they both said, after alike hesitation, YouTube.

Brokamp: I could absolutely see that.

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