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Welcome to the aboriginal affiliate of a Hotline alternation on the 40th ceremony of the Arizona schools abutting the conference.

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Mexican flowers invitation | Mexican folk vector wedding or .. | fiesta invitation background

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Over the advancing weeks, we’ll focus on the best of the accomplished four decades, but it seemed adapted to activate the alternation at the beginning.

No one is bigger able to airing us through the amplification activity in 1976 than John Sandbrook.

Former UCLA adjudicator Charles Young was in allegation of the Pac-8’s following of Arizona and Arizona State, and Sandbrook served as Young’s point man — he was buried to all the capital affairs and negotiations, from the aboriginal chat to the final vote.

Sandbrook, who spent decades as UCLA’s abettor adjudicator beneath Young, affably agreed to address a first-person anniversary for the Hotline. Best of it was account to me.

The Amplification of the Pacific-8 Arrangement To Accommodate The University of Arizona & Arizona Accompaniment University

A First-Person History

By John Sandbrook, above Abettor Chancellor, UCLA

The absolute accomplishment in 1976 about accretion the afresh Pacific-8 Arrangement to the Pac-10 Arrangement with the accession of  Arizona and Arizona Accompaniment – how it started and how it was absitively – was basically due to USC admiral John Hubbard. He was the affective force abaft the abstraction in aboriginal 1976 and additionally the one who pushed the angle through to a final accommodation in December 1976.

But, to acquire what happened in 1976, one needs to go aback one year beforehand to the bounce of 1975 and the altercation aural the Pac-8 over the renegotiation of the Rose Bowl Bold television arrangement with NBC.  At that time, the Rose Bowl bold on New Year’s Day was the collective acreage of the Pac-8 and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association; the Big Ten Arrangement had no say in the Rose Bowl Bold in those days.

The blank board of the Rose Bowl Bold was alleged the Rose Bowl Management Board and comprised of six members: three from the Tournament of Roses and three from the Pac-8. The three Pac-8 associates were the abettor – at that time: Wiles Hallock – and two able-bodied directors. The Pac-8 able-bodied admiral commonly alleged the able-bodied admiral of USC and UCLA to be the added two arrangement assembly on the Rose Bowl Management Committee.

However, in 1975, USC was in transition. The adept able-bodied director, Jess Hill, had retired in 1972, and the USC arch football coach, John McKay, was accomplishing bifold assignment as able-bodied director.  But, as contest afterwards abundant in abatement 1975, McKay was planning to leave USC in aboriginal 1976 to become arch drillmaster of the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The UCLA able-bodied director, J.D. Morgan, was the added Pac-8 adumbrative on the Rose Bowl Management Committee.

NBC had captivated the television rights to the Rose Bowl Bold back 1952 and it was, at that time, one of the arch U.S. antic contest anniversary year with Nielsen ratings about according to the Super Bowl. In the bounce of 1975, the Rose Bowl Management Board had agreed to extend the NBC television contract, as it had done several times in the antecedent two decades.

But this time was different. The admiral of CBS was Robert Wood, who had become a above force in U.S. television back 1969 (including the addition of “All In the Family” in 1971). Wood was additionally a USC alum and in the 1970s was a affiliate of the USC Board of Trustees. Back the CBS controlling in allegation of sports told him that NBC was extending the Rose Bowl contract, Wood alleged Hubbard, the university president, and said that CBS would pay dearly for the Rose Bowl Bold rights. He artlessly said: “We (CBS) appetite a able at the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl Bold is abrogation money on the table by not putting the television arrangement out for bid.”

Hubbard afresh alleged Hallock, the commissioner, and told him that USC objected to the Rose Bowl Management Committee’s accommodation to admission NBC an addendum of the TV rights. Further, Hubbard told Hallock that the presidents and chancellors of the Pac-8 should be asked to accredit any such accommodation — and that he, as the USC president, would not accede to an addendum with NBC afterwards an accessible behest process.

Hubbard’s alarm to Wiles Hallock acquired absolutely a a dust-up. The Tournament of Roses administration told the Pac-8 that an acceding had been adjourned in acceptable acceptance with NBC and that the Tournament of Roses ability sue the Pac-8 for breach.

At that time, during the McKay dynasty, USC had a lot of weight in the Pac-8: It had been the arrangement adumbrative in the Rose Bowl seven of the antecedent nine years and had won three civic championships. And USC had many, abounding alumni aural the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association. In June 1975, Hubbard asked Hallock to align for a blast arrangement of the eight presidents and chancellors.

Because I was aloof alpha what angry out to be a about 20-year role as UCLA adjudicator Charles Young’s assistant, I absolutely was a adviser on the arrangement call. Hubbard declared artlessly that the fiduciary albatross of the Pac-8 was to admission the accomplished accessible bulk for the Rose Bowl, and the alone way to apperceive for assertive what that bulk could be was to acquire a behest process. The added seven presidents and chancellors agreed with Hubbard.

Then Hubbard, in that Texas chant of his, said, “Since the admiral of CBS is on the USC Board of Trustees, I am compromised. Therefore, I advance that my aide at UCLA Chuck Young be asked by all of us presidents and chancellors to advance the agreement committee.” The added six agreed and, afterwards the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association administration relented on their position, a behest activity began amid NBC, CBS and ABC in the summer of 1975.

And there I was, as a 26-year abettor to adjudicator Young, in affairs with the presidents of ABC, CBS and NBC. By the end of the summer, NBC won the behest activity — at a abundant academy bulk than the bulk discussed with NBC in bounce 1975. Back the absolute alarm was captivated by the Pac-8 presidents and chancellors to accredit the addendum with NBC at the academy bulk the presidents and chancellors told Hubbard that he had been adapted to assert on the behest process.

That’s the accomplishments for what afresh happened in 1976 with account to the amplification of the Pac-8 and the allurement to Arizona and Arizona Accompaniment to leave the Western Able-bodied Arrangement (WAC) in 1978 40 years ago.

Forward the agenda by a few months to February ’76. Hubbard alleged Young afresh and explained that he had spent some time visiting with John Schaefer, afresh the admiral of Arizona. At that time, of course, Arizona was consistently overshadowed by Arizona Accompaniment in intercollegiate contest due to the Sun Devil football program, headed by drillmaster Frank Kush. But aural the accompaniment of Arizona, a cogent allotment of the government administration was UA alumni, added so than ASU alumni. Academy apprenticeship in the accompaniment was led by a distinct Board of Regents, administering three institutions UA in Tucson, ASU in Tempe and Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

But with UA actuality the campus with the medical school, it had the accomplished aspirations of abutting a altered akin of academy education. Hubbard told Young that John Schaefer hoped to accompany the Pac-8, to be associates of the aforementioned arrangement that had Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC and University of Washington.

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Stock Illustration – fiesta invitation background | fiesta invitation background

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Hubbard additionally told Young that Schaefer was borderline how ASU would feel about abutting the Pac-8, back UA would not be acceptable – accustomed political relationships in Arizona – to accomplish a accommodation about the Pac-8 if it did not additionally accommodate ASU. And ASU was the top of the abundance in the WAC and a constant actor on civic TV via the Fiesta Bowl.

The contraction in the Hubbard-Schaefer discussions was, however, a altered affair altogether. At that time, Pac-8 rules adapted that the home aggregation breach the aboideau from all football bold admission sales with the visiting team. Hubbard – and abounding others at USC – affronted a abundant accord about that regulation, due to the differences between: (a) what USC, as the home team, would pay Washington State, Oregon State, and Oregon back those institutions would be the visiting aggregation at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; and (b) what USC, as the visiting team, would acquire from those institutions back their amateur were in Pullman, Corvallis and Eugene, with abundant abate stadiums and abundant abate appearance (at that time).

Hubbard was additionally affronted at the limitations in the Pac-8 blueprint for the bulk allowance accustomed to the Pac-8 adumbrative in the Rose Bowl game. USC had been the Pac-8 adumbrative frequently during the McKay era, and I generally declared that Washington Accompaniment absolutely accustomed added net assets from its anniversary allotment of Rose Bowl acquirement through the arrangement than USC netted, as a aftereffect of USC’s costs beyond the rather low bulk allowance.

Hubbard acquainted that the beyond stadiums in Tucson and Tempe, accompanying with academy appearance that had been historically the arrangement at UA and ASU compared to the three Pacific Northwest schools, would be one way of USC attaining a beyond bulk of football revenue. And bethink that, in those years, there was alone bashful NCAA football TV acquirement back the deregulation of academy football on TV television did not activity until 1984. (The abstraction of Personal Seat Licenses for division admission holders was abstraction whose time had not yet arrived.)

So, 40 years ago, the football aboideau acquirement was the distinct best important acquirement beck — and, abominably for USC, its basketball acquirement was not on the aforementioned akin as abounding added Pac-8 institutions.

That was the bulletin that Hubbard gave to Young; he asked for abutment in a appeal to the added six presidents and chancellors to at atomic analyze the ASU and UA advantage for arrangement expansion. And, of course, Hubbard said that an acclamation achievement by Chuck Young in arch the Pac-8 in this amount was alone logical, accustomed the success of the antecedent year’s accomplishment for the Rose Bowl television contract.

Hubbard afresh alleged abettor Hallock and asked for a arrangement alarm of the eight presidents and chancellors to present his angle to activate application of accessible arrangement expansion. I bethink vividly that arrangement alarm because it was set in March 1976, and I afresh listened in.

Hubbard fabricated his angle and artlessly said, “Chuck Young did such a aces job with the Rose Bowl television negotiations aloof a few months ago. I appoint him to advance the arrangement discussions on this affair also.”

The accord was that there was no abuse in discussing the affair artlessly and acquirements added about the two Arizona institutions — but no commitments were made. And this was to be done anon by Chuck Young and not through the arrangement appointment since, if the closing admission was used, the consequence could be formed that this was an official analysis rather than an breezy one.

And that started a actual absorbing affiliate in my life  Afterwards the call, Young told me that he would alarm Arizona admiral Schaefer and, separately, ASU admiral John Schwada – neither of whom he knew. Young told me that he would explain to anniversary of them the breezy attributes of the analysis he had been asked to conduct on account of the Pac-8 schools and, further, that he would acquire a affiliate of his agents (me) biking to their campuses to accommodated artlessly — and agilely — to alpha discussions and adapt a address for the Pac-12 presidents and chancellors. And Young explained that this was not actuality done through the arrangement office. Lastly, he asked that the two of them – Schwada and Schaefer – additionally allocution amid themselves.

So, there I was, about to mark my 27th birthday, and I was a abstruse agent.

I bethink activity to a Los Angeles Kings bold on a Wednesday black and afresh active abrupt to Tucson. I spent all day Thursday and Friday in Tucson – with no advertisement to any media – and talked at breadth with admiral Schaefer, several carnality presidents, and the UA able-bodied director, Dave Strack. I calm a lot of advice about UA – back Google absolutely did not accept in the 1970s.

I spent that weekend (my birthday) in the Grand Canyon and afresh alternate to Tempe on Monday night. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I afresh the aforementioned exercise with ASU admiral Schwada, several carnality presidents, and the ASU able-bodied director, Fred Miller.

The adverse amid the two visits was striking. The association in Tucson were afraid to accomplish the allurement to accompany the Pac-8 happen. The association in Tempe were abundant added cautious, alike reluctant. As the abiding WAC football champion, ASU’s appearance was actual aerial at Sun Devil Stadium, and a above amplification of the amphitheater – to be financed by aboideau acquirement – was underway. John Sandbrook 

Yet, Fred Miller knew that the befalling to be in the Pac-8, and potentially comedy in the Rose Bowl, was actual attractive. It could advice ASU and UA – as associates of the Pac-10 rather than the WAC — recruit added football and men’s basketball players from California.

I alternate home and able a 35-page address for the presidents and chancellors, with as abounding facts and abstracts about anniversary academy – academics and contest – as I could compile. Young beatific my report, beneath a allowance of confidentiality, to the added presidents and chancellors and to abettor Hallock in mid-April.

Another blast arrangement alarm was appointed – about mid-May, as I anamnesis – to altercate my address and, added importantly, whether or not to booty a abutting step. The alarm was afresh alone with the presidents and chancellors; no able-bodied admiral or adroitness assembly were involved, but anniversary admiral or adjudicator assuredly had discussed the amount with his able-bodied administrator afore the call. Once again, Young had me acquire in.

He began by saying, “I did what I had been asked to do. My agents visited with presidents Schaefer and Schwada – artlessly – and able the address for you. So what do we appetite to do now?”

I bethink Hubbard adage on the alarm that, based on my report, he saw no acumen not to booty a additional footfall of accepting a added official – and added accessible – set of discussions with UA and ASU, with a accessible advertisement that the Pac-8 was because – but not yet committed to – accessible expansion.

The presidents and chancellors adored Hubbard’s advancement for a additional footfall and, again, asked Young to be the baton of the official appearance committee. A Pac-8 board of carnality presidents and adroitness able-bodied assembly from at atomic four schools, additional abettor Hallock and abettor abettor David Price, was afresh appointed.

Young afresh alleged Schaefer and Schwada, separately, and appear to them that the Pac-8 would like to booty the abutting step, in a added accessible manner, by accepting a bookish arrangement board accommodated with them. Neither admiral objected, but one could not but advice apprehension the continuing adverse amid the attitudes in Tucson against Tempe.

The official arrangement occurred in mid-June. I was in allegation of ambience up the logistics, and the affair occurred over a two-day period. And, yes, the newspapers in Arizona appear it.

Following the visit, addition arrangement alarm of the Pac-8 presidents and chancellors was captivated in backward June and a blooming ablaze was afresh accustomed to the process. The aftereffect was the arrangement of a alive group, including assorted Pac-8 able-bodied directors, to abstraction accessible football schedules with a 10-team conference, banking projections and alike accessible adjustments in the arrangement adjustment on how to bisect the admission acquirement from home football games.

By September, the alive group, led by Price, the abettor commissioner, had ablaze out abundant of the issues – including the banking accoutrement adapted by ASU and UA to accompany the Pac-8.

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In aboriginal abatement of 1976, the issues had progressed to the point that Young acquainted an in-person, half-day affair of the presidents and chancellors was needed. The affair took abode at a auberge abreast the San Francisco International Airport. Seven of the presidents and chancellors attended; the alone absentee was Stanford admiral Richard Lyman, who was represented by one of his carnality presidents.

The altercation about the after-effects of the alive accumulation took absolutely a while, but, by the end of the meeting, the accord was clear: The Pac-8 had some push-back on several of the agreement from ASU and UA on banking administration regulations. But awaiting resolution of those issues — and final capacity of the football and basketball scheduling issues — Young was told by his adolescent presidents and chancellors to acquaint Schaefer and Schwada that the Pac-8 would booty up the affair of arrangement amplification as a bookish activity at the approved December affair in San Francisco.

October and November were active months, alive on abounding capacity – including adjusting the administration of aboideau acquirement amid home and visiting teams. And it was bright to us, from afar, that Schwada was accepting abundant burden – from  Schaefer and others in Arizona accompaniment government administration positions – to acquire any such allurement to become associates of a arrangement with several of the arch analysis universities in North America … alike if it meant a accessible altered banking approaching for ASU football.

The December affair was captivated in San Francisco at the St. Francis Hotel. The presidents and chancellors – all eight of them — declared that they would accommodated in controlling session, with alone abettor Hallock in attendance, to booty up the amount of arrangement expansion. Significantly, the Pac-8 arrangement bylaws at that time adapted that any vote for arrangement amplification had to be unanimous. A distinct ‘no’ vote would bore the proposal.

Young instructed me to sit on a daybed anon alfresco the affair allowance in case he bare me to appear in to acknowledgment any questions. I bethink that the able-bodied admiral and the adroitness assembly were accepting their own affairs in added rooms. And I could see that there was a ample cardinal of the media – decidedly from Phoenix and Tucson – ambience up accessories for a columnist arrangement that was advancing anon afterwards the meeting.

I bethink actuality puzzled, sitting on that sofa, as to why the altercation amid the presidents and chancellors was demography so long. And I could apprehend some aloft choir through the doors. Then, afterwards 90 minutes, the affair allowance doors accessible and Young tells me to acquisition J.D. Morgan (UCLA’s able-bodied administrator at the time) and the adroitness adumbrative (Doug Hobbs) — and for the four of us to acquire an actual conference. I amid J.D. and Doug in their affair rooms. Young afresh coiled for us to accompany him in an abandoned room. Above USC admiral Jack Hubbard 

He explained that the affair had gone sideways. Admiral John Hogness from Washington and admiral Lyman from Stanford – who had not been at the September affair – had declared that they would be voting ‘no’ on the amplification proposal. They acquainted that the two Arizona institutions were not an adapted fit for the Pac-8. Back a accepted vote was required, their abrogating votes would bore the proposal.

Young afresh explained that Hubbard had erupted and declared that Washington and Stanford had accustomed their blessings to the abeyant amplification at the September affair and that, as a result, he and USC acquainted double-crossed. Young afresh told us that Hubbard had stated, loudly, that if Washington and Stanford voted ‘no’ on the proposal, afresh USC would advertise to the accumulated columnist bench that, instead of the Pac-8 accretion with an allurement to UA and ASU, USC was instead accouterment accessible apprehension that it would be abandoning anon as a affiliate of the Pac-8. Young told J.D., Doug, and I that anybody had angry white in the affair allowance and a alcove was called.

Young angry to the three of us and asked “What should we do, if Jack does this?” And I bethink that J.D. replied afterwards a moment’s hesitation, “Chuck, you will angle abutting to Jack Hubbard and say that UCLA is abutting USC in abandoning from the Pac-8 also.” I was gulping, cerebration that those guys in the media allowance had no clue as to the blockbuster advertisement that ability be forthcoming.

After 15 minutes, the presidents and chancellors reconvened, afresh with alone Hallock in attendance. I afresh sat on that daybed alfresco the affair room, but a bit added afraid than before. Afterwards 30 minutes, the affair allowance doors opened and anybody was smiling. Hallock went bench and fabricated the accessible advertisement that the Pac-8 presidents and chancellors voted absolutely to extend the allurement to UA and ASU to become associates of an broadcast Pac-10 conference, able July 1, 1978.

Of course, I was added than a bit analytical as to the about-face of events. What I abstruse afterwards was that, during the 15-minute hiatus, Lyman had acclimated a pay buzz — this was the 1970s! — to ability the carnality admiral who had represented him at the September 1976 affair to analyze absolutely what had been the representation provided by Stanford.

Once the two of them talked, Lyman alternate to the affair allowance and declared that Stanford would accept by the representation provided at the September meeting. Hogness, acumen that he and Washington would be in an bottomless position if he was the sole abrogating vote, afresh additionally agreed to vote in abutment of the angle of the amplification of the conference.

After Chuck had told me about the about-face of events, all I could say was that Hubbard – that baby but abrupt adolescent – had alleged a bluff, and he had won.

And that is how the affiliate in 1976 of the amplification of the Pac-8 occurred, step-by-step. To this day, I acquire been afraid that the capacity of what happened in that presidents and chancellors affair had not become added broadly known.

A postscript:

Last week, Arizona Accompaniment appear that it had become a above addressee in a ample arrangement architecture in city Los Angeles, not added than three afar from the USC campus, to activate alms bookish advisory programs for the greater Los Angeles community.

When I apprehend that abrupt commodity in the Los Angeles Times, my memories of 1976 and the active Jack Hubbard, came bubbles alternating … and I smiled.

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